• Other Skills

      Apart from learning Game design course, over the years of my life I have done and achieve things for myself or for others.

      This page showcases my personal talented skills.

      Video Editing and Directing

      Aside for just editing bunch of videos in which many could do nowadays, the work I commitment to some of the videos such as shows displays my directing skills since I'm in the decision how things should be made and it's outcome.

      *Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Chao Life- I created a show series based Sonic Adventure 2 Chaos. Originally 'chao' in Sonic Adventure were not implemented in the storyline but as  an additional gameplay. I created a narrative that allowed the Chao to part take in Sonic Adventure 2 story. Spanned up to 16 episodes.

      *Dead Or Alive: The Story So Far...- A series that was meant to piece together the chronology story of the DOA franchise

      *Jet Li's Defender unofficial trailer

      *Hip Hop Gamer Show 2011 intro- Created a 2011 Hip Hop Gamer Show introduction for the Hip Hop Gamer

      *Street Fighter: The Legend of Evil Ryu- A 30-40 min planned Flash animation movie for Street Fighter based around protagonist Evil Ryu. Opening is currently done, script is completed however the whole movie has been halted in production

      Prototype Mock ups

      *Dead Or Alive 5 menu mock up

      *Ninja Gaiden 3 menu mock up

      *Ninja Gaiden 3 gameplay mockup

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