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      Killzone 3's bad designings

      I'll be writing about the bad designs features of Killzone 3.

      First of all Killzone is a popular title and it's one of Sony's major exclusive title for their console, ps fanboys regard Killzone as their Halo killer or their own verion of Halo so even though a Killzone game sucks; they would still praise the game.

      I never played Killzone 1 and I tried Killzone 2, I wasn't BLOWN away by the graphics as how people hyped up the game so much and constantly used the "killzoned" term. Even a friend of my said he didn't see the wow in the graphics. I pretty much enjoyed the weapon resistant or recoil in Killzone 2, it was pretty realistic in shooting a gun. How long did it take me to finish the game? well my trophy says so:


      Recent report also reported that not many people finished Killzone 2

      Now that Killzone 3 as arrived, what are the terms and features people are banging on about?
      the snow level

      Enough talk..I'll just get to the point!

      *Broken Multiplayer
      I could tell that every developers are trying to be like COD now because COD MW owns the crown of best FPS Multiplayer. Killzone 3 tries to go the same rout with it's multiplayer features.
      The Kits are pretty cool although the special abilities just ruins this game. I'm not going to thorogghly explain why each kits are broken, this link here takes all the words out of my mouth:

      About the Infiltrator: this kit is the most annoying of them all, not only can you steal and disguise yourself as the enemy but you can also steal their name. Who seriously approved of this? This now makes EVERY team cautious because they would have to keep meleeing each other or shooting at each other just to make sure 'this person is legit'.
      Couldn't GG at least make a design that indicates a flaw in self disguise? Like if I was disguising as an ISA, I would have an Helgash symbol around me? Or disguising as an Helgast I would have an ISA symbol or my goggles would show a different colour.
      The key to having a flaw in disguise is that team members would not pay attention to the flaw and over look that infiltrator. Some members could just move the screen away and say "wait a second, did I just see a symbol around him? was he just wearing an ISA clothing?" and then he turns back.

      *Jet Pack
      The jet pack gameplay sequence in Killzone 3 was a nice addition, however I really don't see the point of using a jet pack. In the multiplayer it was used to get to a certain location located at the top. In the Single player campaign, the levels were designed just for the jet pack. And it's not as if the Jet pack allows you to completely hover in the air. I just don't see the point in having a jet pack if you are going to be hopping rather than flying. This typically isn't really a bad design, it's just a "no point in adding it" situation. To me it felt like they were trying to do what Halo Reach did with their jetpack:/

      *Slow pacing
      Why is the reloading so GOD DAMN SLOW? During the fight with the amazing MAWLR, trying to reload the Wasp was really a pain in the ass! Apart from reloading the Wasp, reloading other weapons in the game were atrocious as well.

      *Cover system as protection
      Seriously what is the point in getting into a cover system if you are still going to get hurt from damages and eventually get killed?
      you tell me

      *Lack of innovative features
      Run, shoot, cover, shoot, run, shoot, cover, shoot, run, shoot, melee, run, shoot, cover, melee.
      Endless use of repetition! We are in the next generation and games need to involve, how much have seriously improved from Killzone 2 to Killzone 3? please tell me because the same things you do in Killzone 2 are the same things you do in Killzone 3. So is Killzone 3 really a new game? did it really jump in terms of graphical leaps? If  a game like Ninja Gaiden 3 can introduce new way of playing Hack n Slash, why can't Killzone 3 introduce new ways of playing FPS?

      *Throwing Grenades
      I can tell that the sole purpose of using grenades is the ability to take advantage of the self exploding timer. I just felt that GG did not work on the promixtiy length of throwing grenades, or maybe I forgot and I need to check the game again.

      *Taking a step backwards:/
      The recoil system in Killzone 2 was loved by few and hated by many. GG decided to fix this problem by removing the recoil feedback, is this a smart thing to do or wrong thing? Well it's a retarded thing to do. First of all couldn't they make it optional? Optional feeds everybody because if people who hated the recoil feedback can easily just turn it off and people who wants a realistic experience would leave it on. And second a retarded decision because you are reverting back to an old style gameplay while this recoil feedback is a step above standard gameplay.

      * Distinguishing between teams online
      I know this may be nitpicking and over criticism.  But I always find it hard to know which team I'm on if I am the ISA or Helgast. GG tried to eliminate this confusing by adding logos and spawn team names. :/ Seriously what is so hard in making the HUD affliate with the team? Halo 3 did this right, if you play as the Convenient you can tell you are playing a the Convenient. If you are playing as red team in Unreal tournament you can instantly tell. Please tell me if making the HUD represent you as an Helghast in the single player campaign and making the HUD a regular design online accurately equal?

      I'm sorry but Killzone is nothing but over hype for the ps fanboy! GG really needs to step up their game!

      *Sony's bad Marketing!

      As for the sales, why isn't Killzone 3 selling well? Report said that

      So what happened here? How come Killzone 2 outsold Killzone 3 at launch?
      Well Killzone 2 was the next gen sequel to Killzone 1, and it highlighted the graphical department of the PS3, second PS fanboy again hyped up Killzone 2. Third less gameplay videos were available and each time a gameplay video was released, the term Killzoned occurs and the video showcase the rich graphics of the game.

      What about Killzone 3's marketing? Sony and GG were so such fans would purchase Killzone 3, the problem Sony did was pushing the Move support and 3D support for Killzone 3 rather than highlighting the feature design parts of the game. All we ever heard people talk about was the snow level graphics, 3D and Move support. What about the multiplayer? what about the jetpack, it's gameplay and how it works? What about the weapons of Killzone 3?

      So why should people be hyped that they would buy Killzone 3??? People do not like jumping to a next story if they didn't know what happened previously. Sony and GG simply did not introduce WHAT gamers want in Killzone 3. People felt that Killzone 3 is simply Killzone 2 with better graphics and doesn't offer anything new, in another term slow and generic!

      Remember the comment above I said that people don't like to jump to a next story if they didn't know what happened previously?
      Well DeadSpace 2 offered a catch up video on what happened in Dead Space 1. Even the producer of Dead Space 1 knew many did not finish Dead Space 1 and created a Previously on Dead Space. So HOW COME Dead Space 2 outsold Dead Space 1? Because the Publisher marketing what we wanted in the game! Horror of course! With their "your mom hates dead space". If EA were marketing "the costumes of Isaac", do you think people would buy the game? well people want to buy Dead Space 2 because it's an horror game and gamers were interested in horror from the start.

      Also Bulletstorm obviously picked on Killzone 3's sales. Why did gamers go for Bulletstorm over Killzone 3? because Bulletstorm offered gamers new way of playing FPS which is by killing enemies with skills and tricks, what is Killzone 3 offering? Move & 3D. Also the marketing campaign for Bulletstorm involved the well known swear language "dicktits" and videos of killing with skills.

      It is time for GG to step up their game and stop being pampered by fanboys who support them because Killzone is their Halo killer!


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