• Friday, 1 April 2011

      Frustum Culling

      Well I started reading the T2G booklet and came across a topic on culling and map editing. The way the book explains the frustum culling was really hard to understand and grasp. I emailed a tutor to give me a better explanation, I got a reply back with reference link to someone writing a deep education about frastum culling.

      That is a wrong way to start and understand a subject. The thing is once again they got some information off wikipedia, I found a similar screenshot used in Wikipedia also used in the book over the design was different. One thing that annoys me is the English language used in the book, they use words that doesn't connect with what they are talking about. For an example they used the word visibility breaker whilst trying to explain what frastum culling is. WTF is visibility breaker!???

      Not to worry myself; I simply searched Youtube to find a video of frustum culling in action. Eventually I did see many examples of frustum culling and I tell you when you try learning something; it would be very difficult. However if you see it as an example visually, it would be easier to digest and understand what you were trying to learn.

      Now I know what frustum culling and occlusion culling is.

      During my revision of the T2G booklet I'm actually stuck understanding what BSP Binary Space partition really is and what it really does.

      I did check on youtube how BSP works and it was pretty much complex, I understand the terminology of how it works with BSP tree. My tutor did give me a wikipedia link to the writing of BSP.

      Seriously giving me link to BSP instead of giving an easy answer to explain BSP? it just shows that, that tutor isn't fully aware of the understanding of BSP.

      Wikipedia calls BSP as a .bsp file format which quite makes it a little understandable. I can't talk too much on it as I need to read it and fully understand it.


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