• Wednesday, 6 April 2011

      Saying No to an idea for an upcoming games

      Ok this is something that is really bugging me lately; it's about announced sequels and when fans and gamers post their wanted idea for a game.

      I'm sure you must had experienced it before, when you go to a fan site or developers forum and you see fans posting their "wishlist" for an upcoming game. Now posting your wishlist is not a problem, the real problems lies down in yourself and opinion. When people ask for co-op for a sequel, the next person would use is selfish opinion and say no to co-op idea. It's alright to voice out your opinion and say no to the idea but have you really thought about why co-op would not work out?

      Here I'll post two example references to how people behave when it comes down to wishlist topics:
      Ninja Gaiden 3 wishlist by users. The reason why many users ideas do not get approved by developers is because they are simply asking too much or something that cannot be done. Let alone the lack of detail to the idea, if you say I want new weapons in Ninja Gaiden 3. Why don't you put some more work into it and research and write down list of in-detailed weapons you want for the game. When developers see that idea with the amount of detail they could just ask people higher than them for approval and discuss themselves if it could be done. If they see "more weapons" developers would scratch their heads and think what exactly does this user want?

      The next thing relates to thinking about yourself and your opinion. This is the part that really does tick me off when users are meant to come up with theirs to improve a game and others would dismiss that idea.

      Ok for the two links is about an upcoming fan made game Duke Nukem Reloaded which is a remake version of Duke Nukem 3D. Two topics, 1 of them is about adding a side kick for Duke Nukem while the other is about upgrading weapon. This is where a selfish behaviour comes in. What exactly is a selfish behaviour? it is when a user only thinks about himself what is right and what is wrong and what he/she wants without thinking about how the 'idea' could impact the game nor what others want.  If you are familiar with Duke Nukem can you think about why a Duke Nukem game does not need a side kick partner? I have played LOTS of games with partners for the protagonist and co-op games managed to work well if done correctly. To know when someone only thinks about their selfish behaviour is when they use a lame excuse why that idea cannot work. Why exactly can't an idea work? Ideas always work for games depending on how executable they are. If I was to say Mario should fight a boss like MAWLR from Killzone 3 in Super Mario 64, obviously that is asking for the impossible and that is when the idea gets tossed out. However when an idea is brought up, it leads to brainstorming and with the brainstorming brings out more idea out of the original. So never say No to an idea unless you can think of something better! You can only say no if you have an excuse why the idea cannot work.

      I won't be an hypocrite, http://tecmoforums.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/937102291. Tecmo Forum for Ninja Gaiden. Many discussions about Kasumi to be featured in Ninja Gaiden 3. I purposely dismiss the idea because I had a reason why she shouldn't be featured in the game due to her being in the game would allow other Dead Or Alive characters to join Ryu's game. Yes I was thinking about myself however I was also thinking for the franchise not only myself. Later I wrote an article for my Black Xino blogspot for Ninja Gaiden 3 wishlist that Ninja Gaiden is not Ryu's game alone. Later on the future we found out that no more DOA will be featured in NG which is a good thing and it saves Ninja Gaiden for actually being Ryu's game.

      Back to the Duke Nukem Reloaded, the second link is about weapon upgrading which again many said no to. What exactly is wrong with weapon upgrading? Like I said before never say no to an idea. If you are trying to improve your game to defeat other competitions you would need so many ideas you can get to make your game better. If you look at the First Person Shooter genre, there is a heat in the competition with Call of Duty dominating the market and brushed Halo aside, Battlefield is the contestant towards Call of Duty, it is a crazy heated battle. Now in other to beat the competition in terms of SWOT, you would obviously need all the ideas you can get to make the game better. And if you keep dismissing ideas....boy you won't go anywhere!

      What is the moral? Never say no to an idea, think about why exactly it would not work out before dismissing it! You might just not know what other cool ideas would come out of the original.


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