• Monday, 28 March 2011

      Results for Section 1 Exam

      Ok the result is here.

      and I got 86% / 100%. Not bad. Total of 100 questions though I did f** up some bits:/
      From the description below may sound like something a designer should know, but mind you some ridiculous question I do not need to know appeared. Questions such as Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl was based upon Boris and Arkady Strugatsky's novel: I totally forgot this and I see no point why I really need to know this, though I chose Roadside Panic:/ Although it was Roadside Picnic.  I know it is meant to let you know that many games are based on novels and designers get inspired by novel story, but come on man!

      Another question I think I failed was to do with Strategy Resources, a game that doesn't use Resources. I chose the answer War Hammer, in fact I guessed it. There was 1 question I think I got wrong and it was asking what TheSims is, I chose it's a God Game and Management game.

      A question I know I got right was asking what they design Serious games for? the character must not be funny and game must not be time wasting. I chose the answer that Serious games are based on topic subject. There was a question about definition of Story continuity and I chose Story Arc.

      "Industry Knowledge 18/25
      Knowledge of designers, studios, games, trends.

      Tools 5/5
      Software packages, engines, middleware.

      Design Knowledge 19/20
      Understanding of design concepts and practices (pitching, gameplay, etc.).

      Documentation 11/15
      Game design documentation.

      Definitions, Lingo, Vocab 11/11
      Questions relating to definitions, acronyms, 'most appropriate word', etc.

      Hardware 9/11
      Consoles, dev kits, PC specs, peripherals.

      Design Reasoning 13/13
      Ability to demonstrate good games design technique and through processes.
      You know I've been thinking about the length of this course.

      Apparently people who started this course way back in 2009 or 2010 still haven't finished the course therefore we haven't heard any student success story so far:/

      The problem is that people going into this direction with this course are making it as if this course is a special Univeristy type of work.

      No it is not! :/

      The qualification is HND, and HND can only be achieved in Colleges not University and it takes 2 years to complete HND and HNC courses. Any qualification below HND/HNC takes 1 year to complete. Degrees take 3 years, depending on the level of the degree or course you are studying could take up to 5 years.

      The thing about this course is that it's a Home Learning course meaning you have no time limit, you basically study at your own pacing. I don't think many of those students have the 'drive' to become a Game designer because no one hasn't finished the course yet.

      I myself is getting my eyes opened to the industry because I'm finding out that students who finished University cannot jump straight into a Designer role in a company, basically I'm hearing all sorts of things.

      The thing is, I just want to finish this course and try and get into the industry. So far I've started this course Mid November 2010 and finished Section 1 today March 2011. So that's 5 months! There are 2 more sections left so I'll predict I can finish the next section in 10 months time and the last section should take me a full year. The thing is Section 2 will have me doing more projects. Mind you that I sometimes take a week off not reading the course and it takes 3-4 days for your tutor assessment to be marked. All that dds to the delay.

      Looking at the topics for Section 2, looks tough man:)


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