• Friday, 25 March 2011



      Well I've taken the Section 1 examation test and I would have to wait 4 days to get back the results.

      Looking back at the questions I could tell I already failed some such as
      "which system has sold the most unit of all time"
      At first I chose PS2, after finishing all question I went back to make sure every answer are correct, I later changed my answer to Nintendo Gameboys:/
      After reviewing this answer I found out PS2 has sold more than GB releases. Wow man. I knew PS2 outsold 'consoles' but it did not occur to me that it outsold even Gameboy handhelds O_o

      But seriously man, many questions in the exam doesn't even have any damn thing to do with game designing!
      Why the hell do I need to answer what Sony produces- Bluray, Betamax, VHS, etc:/


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