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      I will be writing about karma that decides the path of my life to become a game designer.

      The kinds of paths I've chosen in my life were not chosen because I decided to, they were chosen because of karma. I keep wondering to myself how I'd end up in sales & marketing field, and finally I do know why because if I want to get into the gaming industry I would need knowledge about sales. I've already explained this theory in my About page. (As a game designer you need to know sales & marketing because it would help you for your pitch document, when you analyze game sales and SWOT.)

      Other paths I've chosen to aid my process is spending time reading games news, if I did not read games news I wouldn't be familiar with key faces of the gaming industry. I never knew who David Jaffe was until I started reading games new was then I know who he is. I don't watch tv so my particular free time involves me reading games news and playing games. Because of this chosen path I've learnt so much in the gaming industry, that is why studying Game Designing course as half of the things I've encountered are easy to understand.

      Also playing games, I've played tons of games in my life and this is my potential, to make games! I use my pocket money to buy games and collectors edition rather than using my money to buy other needed things like clothes. What would mp3 player do for me? what would having a car do for me? what would having an iPhone or Black berry and paying monthly do for me? You know these things many people use and carry everyday and do they need them? the choices I make are for my benefit to further reach my goal. If people are going to be going clubbing and getting drunk out of it, I'll would be sitting at home playing games that makes me happy, what I enjoy doing and improves my designing knowledge towards games.

      Going to games convention, I have attended 3 years of Euro Gamer Expo, Sony Access event and Play.com Live. Sure going to these convention are cool and allows me to play new games before others. However I need to start putting this to a good use, like why I'm attending this. I need to start attending conferences rather than playing games. For an example Train2Game was apparent in all Euro Game Expo convention and I practically ignored them all 3 times, now I perceived it and I'm studying for it. So this next up coming Euro Gamer Expo I would need to attend conferences to learn something about development.

      There is always a purpose for doing things in life and everything has a reason!

      and also talking about the real deal if you understand the course or not.

      When you study a subject and partake it's exam, in a years time would you remember some of the things you've revised relating to the topic? Here's is how Train2Game marking works broken down.

      *You revise a topic
      *You take SMA which is called Self Assessment Assignment. This basically task you to further revise on the topic you are currently learning . For an example if you've studied Music Genre, the SMA will tell you to search online and list further sub genres in the Music genre. SMA are not important however if you are new to the topic, it would be wise to research more into it so you can grasp the understanding of the topic. There's no right or wrong answer in SMA, you are basically researching and doing more practical work, and also no marking is needed!
      *TMA which is Tutour Marked Assignment. This is where you take a test and the tutor would mark your work. Regardless of failing, you can retake the test. Purpose of the TMA tests your knowledge whether you truly recap on the topic you'd revised. Even the book warns you not to reference to the T2G book when taking the test because it's really for your benefit. If you are studying Marketing Promotion in Games and do not know what Place holder is and looked for the answer in the book. You are not doing yourself a favour because you would never remember what Place Holder is!
      *Exam which is quite the obvious and the most important. After taking my first exam for Section 1 C, I knew this was the real deal and TMA were just cakes. Previously I'd treat TMA so important however as from now TMA  is there basically to test your knowledge if you understand the topic or not by using trick questions along with other questions.

      Why am I talking about the assessment of Train2Game? Well I'm trying to say that in order for me to remember subjects I've studied. My method so is this: study the topic, instead of taking the TMA straight away, i'd wait several days before taking the TMA. Why do I wait several days? because at almost forgotten point, when answering a question and if I can think really hard on it I would remember! Thus granting me the ability to remember that answer or meaning in the future. After studying a topic and if you immediately take the TMA, obviously the answers would still be fresh in your mind, however how good can you recall those answers in the future?
      Many people stuided and revised for GCSE, A-Levels Exams, University exam, however after finishing education and working their career, many of the things they learnt and took part in exam, they would never remember much of them.

      Taking TMA few days after studying a topic would help you remember relatives details to the topic. Obviously you really need to revise and take an Exam immediately if you 'want to pass'. Because passing an exam is important (for Train2Game you can retake the exam even when you failed.)

      Talk about students who are currently studying the Train2Game course and if they truly understand and grasp the topics of the Game designer course.

      Ok this part I would talk about students who are currently studying Train2Game course.

      Please ask yourself a question, why do you pursue a career?
      You obviously do so because you want to end up in a job that shows your skills, challenges your skills and love doing that job.

      I really don't get people who signed up for a Game Designer course from 2009 and in 2011 are still in Section 1 A!? wtf? O_o

      I can clearly understand the purpose of this course is "Study at your own pacing". Seriously man, why are you doing this course if it's taking you so long to progress? where's the passion and motivation?
      Why am I doing this course? because I found out that part of living is to live your potential! I am passionate about being a Game designer, sometimes I slack of studying Train2Game designer course, however I'm still motivated to keep reading.

      "oh, we are busy, we have full time job, jobs is keeping us busy, work family and other stuff keeps us busy" Usual excuses!
      If you are going to take advantage of Study At Your Own Pace and make this course less of your priority, I don't think you would break into the industry.:/

      These guys don't understand the situation right now. Recession is starting to hit the Gaming Industry even though the industry is the most money making field out of other industries. Many studios had closed down, developers are losing their jobs and some being redundant. Developers being out of work and looking for another work would make things harder for new students to get into the industry.

      Imaging John who worked on numerous titles and shipped D00m 3, Resident Evil 4, Killzone 2, Halo Rech. Crysis etc (all these great games) was let go from his job. And then you have Jimmy who recently finished University Game Designer course and ready to start  his career, a job advert was placed for "RockSteady- Full Time level designer, experienced an advantage but not essential". Job advert says experience an advantage but not important meaning the student Jimmy does have a chance to get the job. However priority would go to John because he has shown great amount of experience and skills by shipping games above. This is the situation now, yes it's really going bad! Because games/IP are being cancelled, studios closing down, professional and experienced developers loosing their jobs. New comers would find it hard to break in the industry and yes things would get worst in the future.

      Anyway back to what I was talking about eariler. So these people think they would TAKE all their time of the world to study the course. They make it seem as if there's a job waiting for them even if they take 10 years to finish the course. Hello wake up sonny. You are how old? 25-30+ something (many of them are), you would need to create lots samples to strengthen your portfolio, let alone the numbers of years/month taken to complete the course. You would need to work on shipped titles and gain enough experience to at least be promoted to a Game Designer, after that and shipping several more titles, you would be promoted to a higher level. How many years do you think all that would take?

      And when do people start to retire? age 60 right (some less)? it's best to get this course done, start working on titles to gain experience, experience that allows you to jump to a Game Designer role. Becoming a game designer you can work on more titles that would promote you to Lead Game Designer or Lead Designer, work more to be promoted to director and so on.

      Why is it taking them so long to progress in this course? because they are doing a full time job, do they enjoy the full time job? Why exactly at they studying game design if they make it less prioritised and focus more on their day job? The problem is they are missing the part that "live your potential" or "do what you love doing". If these guys really love games shouldn't they be motivated to finish the course and start making games for a living?

      And the sad thing about this whole thing is, Train2Game launched 2009, yet students who enrolled 2009 have not finished this course! How would we know if Train2Game is even worth it to look for a job? How do we know taking this course and avoiding University is the right choice? How do we know a student can at least GET any job with this course? How would we know studying this course and you end up working as a game tester?

      Yes Train2Game may be backed up by T.I.G.A but how do we know this course can allow us to break into the gaming industry?
      And I bet you that these kind of people who work in the industry would complain about stuff!

      Much like all these games journalists! Everyone had the passion and once they start working as a journalist, they complain! Complain about low pay and doing more overtime with no pay. WTF? I thought you liked and wanted to be a game journalist so why the hell should you complain about the pay? It obviously shows they don't love doing their job.

      I know I would be doing more over time when working as a game developer to meet deadline. And mind you...I will not complain! Because this is my passion, to make games people would play! People can bang out forums 24/7 and argue about games all day but when it comes to game making and typing tons of documents, they complain, ergo can never  complain when they argue about games in forums for free.


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