• Monday, 11 April 2011

      Promoting Piracy

      This is a quick one I'd write and quickly get out of the way.

      What exactly do I mean by Promoting Piracy? who is promoting piracy?

      When I check my daily news site dedicated to gaming "N4G". I see articles relating to piracy about "Halo Reach leaked to torrent sites" or "Alan Wake already leaked to torrents" etc. Basically the journalist and games sites are obviouly promoting piracy!

      If Halo Reach was leaked to torrent sites, thus gaming sites avoided announcing the game being leaked online. Do you think many people would download the torrent? Of course not! If you publish "Gears of War 3 leaked to torrent site" you are basically telling people and informing them the game is free to download. If no one publishes it not many would be aware of the game being leaked!

      Movies get leaked all the time and does not require announcment articles because people would search for it. However many gamers do not search for games being leaked all the time unless you are an avid torrent users who likes free games. THE WORST THINGS games journalist do to promote piracy is when a game is due to come out scheduled for release and some idiot fake journalist (wanna-be) publishes "Moratl Kombat 9 leaked on torrents". That would blatantly take a bite off the sales because many gamers would cancel their preorder, and download the game to test it if they would like it or not.

      I believe if people stop announcing/notifying/publishing games being leaked to torrents, the game would not suffer in sales because of torrent.  I believe Publishers should start stepping up their games and telling fake journalists AKA wanna-bes to remove announcement articles about their games. Why do I call them wanna-bes or fake journalist? because they are doing wrong things, promoting negativity in the industry, you don't see IGN nor Gamespot saying Ninja Gaiden 3 NOW leaked to torrent sites.

      "Crysis 2 leaked on torrent sites" demeaning to Crytek! Crytek had to defend their games by commenting on the torrent is an old build. I believe Crytek should have warned Gamersmint and others to remove that article!

      If you are publishing an article about a game being leaked, you are not helping the developers. You are merely giving a shout out and informing gamers that "the game is now free to download online".


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