• Saturday, 16 April 2011

      Success and Hate of Call of Duty 'Modern Warfare'

      As you know there as been lots of hate for Call of Duty, I wouldn't say I'm one of them however I would like to differentiate something. Call of Duty and Modern Warfare are two different franchise, even though Modern Warfare is under the Call of Duty name.
      As I've clarified the differences, Call of Duty or COD is mostly based around WW2 era in which I am tired of, back when I used to be a PC gamer, I got bombarded with so much WW2 games that I literally gave up playing FPS on PC.

      Now the reason why I dislike the COD franchise was because it once again is based on the chronology of WW2, in fact I never played any of the COD games. As for Modern Warfare franchise? simply amazing! MW did a lot of things that changed the way we experience FPS games in terms of viewing through the ways of the protagonist. MW did a lot of things that other games are copying like Medal of Honor.

      The one thing I love so much about MW is the story, it's like an hollywood block buster movie, like watching Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan however you are playing the movie. Dead amazing! MW2 story supassed MW1's story, this one taste so good like my favourite mix pancake+honey!

      As for the Multiplayer for MW, I never actually liked them because they are too easy. You know when you play a game and any gamers like casuals can simply jump in and start winning without working hard at it. That is one thing I hate about MW muliplayer is that anyone can win without working hard at it. It's pretty much like Soul Calibur 4 how people can easily spam moves and can conquer the hard core players. A game like Unreal Tournament 99 which pacing is exactly like MW "fast paced" however in UT99 you can only win if you know what you are doing. And the most hated thing I hate so much about MW is that these casuals or n00b cannot handle the fast pace and their only resort is to camp.

      I wouldn't say camping existed in MW it did in older games however only pure n00bs camp however in MW there are tons of campers everywhere. And because of these campers they start joining other Multiplayer games that does require skills, since they don't have that particular skill to handle those kinds of games "Battlefield or Medal of Honor" they simply camp in those games. Its annoying just how people carry their lame traits to other games and ruin it for others.

      And now as for what the gamers think of the success and hate of COD/MW games. When ever someone mentions how cool MW is, you are bound to hear someone disagree with you and resent that game so much. That person or people are hypocrites! What exactly do they hate so much about COD/MW games? they don't say but simply hate the game. However those hypocrites are the same ones who buys the game day one. I have yet to try COD Black Ops and the game is selling or should I say sold well without me buying the game. The reason why I haven't gotten the game is because I only like MW games for it's Single Player so why should I pay £40 just for a single player campaign that would last me 5-8hrs? Also Black Ops is still under COD and not relating to MW, Black Ops is simply changing to the modern era just like MW did.

      Gamers thoughts about their opinion for COD or MW is nothing but pure hate. However the success for this game is based on developers and publishers view for the game. Publishers and Developers simply know COD/MW is the best FPS this generation, they never admit it because of shameful embarrassment however the only way you can tell that they know COD/MW is the best is when you see them comment like "our game would beat COD/MW". Take Medal of Honor for an example, they want to beat MW with their new title and did it succeed? Well...how to distinguish when something succeed is not by reviews but by sales. Many gamers dislike MoH (including myself), the single player just doesn't match the awesomness of MW! The multiplayer was much better than MW because it required skills and knowing the multiplayer was developed by DICE who are the same people known for developing the all time best military FPS Battlefield. However the multiplayer was simply broken and not every well balanced.

      Battlefield 3 is coming out and EA are doing nothing but smack talking about BF3 is going to beat MW, they know themselves that MW has taken the crown of best military FPS, and also MW is a cash register maker. In my opinion Battlefield is only known for its amazing Multiplayer and that is why BF is so great for it's multiplayer. EA tried to give BF a story by making a separate game Bad Company. Bad Company in terms of story was not that good, number 2's story was better than 1 however still lacked in-depth story or emotion to it. The fact is I even finished Bad Company 1's story and could not finish Bad Company 2. There hasn't been word about Battlefield 3 having a storyline but from the marketing videos we've seen so far looks like BF3 might just have a story to it.

      When ever you come across gamers who dislike MW, just call them hypocrites! If they truly hate that franchise so much therefore they shouldn't buy the games. Also if the game "sucks" just like they boast it does, why is it selling over 6million copies? It shows those 'haters' have no taste in games, everyone is buying and enjoying an amazing title that changes the way we play military FPS in terms of story and you are there soaking and saying the franchise sucks.

      Take a look at Homefront, a new IP that would eventually spawn to a franchise, it is meant to take on MW franchise. You can just see how AMAZING this is, everyone around you tell you MW sucks yet developers and Publishers goal is to beat the best FPS MW and take it's crown. Homefront delivered an amazing emotional story based game however it was wrongly executed! Bad graphic just turned A LOT of people off, I was so disgusted by the graphics and VERY SHORT emotional campaign that I did not taste the multiplayer and instantly sold the game. Homefront may be selling well in terms of sales however through the eyes of many gamers the game is a failure!

      So if anybody says MW is a garbage game tell them they are the garbage gamers, if something sucks so much why do majority of gamers buy it? You think you are a better game and know what sucks and what not? you want to hate a franchise that sells well and call that game 90% out of 10% people buys that they don't have taste. Those people who hate on MW are nothing but haters, if they hate the storyline then they having seen great war movies such as Taeguki/Brotherhood, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan. If they hate the multiplayer well they have the right to hate it because they've played other better Multiplayer and MW is a plague that spawns trash players and campers. However if they hate both Campaign and Multiplayer....just tell them to STFU, they are nothing but trolls that have nothing to do on the internet.


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