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      Nintendo Challenge system

      Here is an idea I came up with for Nintendo's next system code name Cafe or Wii 2.

      I just recently sent them the email contacting the pitch idea.

      Also while I post it, who knows Developers might actually use this idea, thus the idea will work best as a console implementation.

      Hello Nintendo,
      I have a suggestion for the new console stated for 2012 and it's an idea I really want to be utilised in next generation platforms.
      I noticed the Wii did not have an Achievement nor Trophy system, I mean technically it isn't much of a big deal for including a trophy system to games however theoretically it makes the games last longer and more fun when playing.

      Having both experienced the Wii's point system, Xbox 360's Achievement and PS3's Trophy System; I developed a balanced and fun way for future next generation achievement system. I know for sure Nintendo will not allow this achievement system slip away, you've all seen how Achievement works and how it does boost up sales because of Achievement 'whores'. This kind of feature would be something Nintendo would want and it is something they are planning to include in the next Wii 2 and further make it better.
      I will get to the point:
      1) Next Generation -Nintendo Challenges:
      3 tiers of Challenges- Tier 1 Novice, Tier 2 Intermediate and Tier 3 Advanced.
      *Tier 1 Novie (25 points): Consist of challenges the players needs to accomplish, these challenges are not difficult and they are mainly based on the the user beating the Story chapters or Defeating bosses. This Tier is do-able by everyone so as long as they complete the campaign in Normal or Easy difficulty.
      *Tier 3 Intermediate (25 points): For the average and hardcore players who had successfully cleared all Novice challenges and eagerly want more challenges. These challenges would be such as find the hidden Mario statue in Lark village, or gather 1 million Rupees.
      *Tier 2 Advanced (50 points): Is aimed at the hardcore players, players who crave for real challenges and makes their game last longer. Whether you want to beat the game in the hardest difficulty, defeat the second boss without using any health regeneration or stomping on the enemies 50 times in Super Mario 4. These challenges are aimed at the hardcore players to make the game last longer.
      2) The points acquired in either tiers can be used to unlock game features or items, the positive to this is that you grants players motivation to keep hunting and clearing challenges.
      Tier 1 consist a total of 25 points, each challenge will be 5 points/star or less. Plasyers can use points to unlock features like New Costumes, new skins, new menu background etc. Tier 2 will consist of 25 points and for each challenge will be near identical to Tier 2. You can unlock items such as new weapons, hidden soundtrack, concept arts. And finally Tier 3 will consist a total of 50 points and each will vary in numbers or stars. Item unlockable might be new playable character or boss rush mode etc
      The whole purpose of the Challenge system works like Wii's Point+Xbox 360's Achievement+PS3's Trophies= Cafe/Wii 2 Challenges.
      The Wii point uses numbered points to unlock in-game items, the achievement consist of achievement that rewards in numbers; and trophies breaks trophies in 3 different levels bronze, silver and gold.
      With the Challenge system: each challenges you unlock grants points, with points you can use to unlock in-game items. The Challenges are categorised in 3 levels fitted for all types of gamers.
      3) One of the discussions you experience with gamers is "I hope this X will not have Multiplayer achievements". That is why most gamers are not good at multiplayer games and thus limits them for gaining the rest of the achievements simply because they suck at multiplayers.
      This is where Challenges comes in place. Let's take Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for an example.
      Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for Wii 2:
      Tier 1 Novice Completionist 22% Stars= Complete Story Campaign
      --Defeat the first boss: 1star
      --Defeat Nazrath: 5star
      --Complete Stage 5: 5star
      --Defeat Omega Metroid: 5star
      --Defeat Medieval Samus: 1star
      --Stage Stage 10: 5pts
      Tier 2 Intermediate Completionist 16% Stars= Complete secret challenges in the game
      --Find the Ancient Lost One: 5 star
      --Defeat Omega Metroid with just the Necrid Cannon: 5 star
      --Defeat Medival Samus with SpineShark: 1 star
      --Beat the game by using only the morph ball: 5 star
      Tier 3 Advance Completionist 10% Stars= Fully cleared all Multiplayer Challenges in the game
      --First Blood- destroy another player 15second when the mission starts: 1 star
      --Spree- kill 5 players without dying: 5 star
      --Brutality Military combatant, kill a player using melee: 4 star
      (as you can see, I don't have to complete the harder tiers because I am not forced to just by getting 1000 achievements. I can simply perform Tier 1, compare it with my friends and move along without having to worry about Tier 2. Even though I attempt Tier 2 and cannot complete all challenges, when comparing I would not see all Challenges. I would only see the Tiers in groups.)
      As you are wondering what if a game doesn't acquire Multiplayer? how would Tier 3 be used?
      Well simply by adding more difficult challenges.
      Basically the tiers are there to rectify the problems many gamers face today. I can procure all achievements in Ninja Gaiden 2, however I cannot beat Master Ninja which eventually is stopping me from gaining my 1000g. This is where the Tiers come in place, gamers are not required to complete harder challenges.
      You can obviously compare your Challenge stats with others gamers and the best thing is by comparing in tiers. If you want to compare your brother's Super Mario 4 stats against yours, you can do so. Come to find out your brother hasn't completed Tier 2 and 3 yet, you can simply compare his Tier 1 with yours.
      4) World Player Challenges.
      What is this? well it is a leaderboard system stats that allows you to see the first few players who acquired this challenge or see just how many people had completed a certain challenge. I believe this will be more motivational because many gamers would love to be the first to beat this challenge.
      Imagine turning on Zelda: Mirrors, you scroll down in the menu and select World Player Challenges. You see 0% for Beat the game in Hardest Difficutly under Tier 3. You will be motivated to be the first to do so. Whereas when people check for that challenge stats, they will notice 1% and your name only comes up.
      Also if you just want to see how many players had beaten Master Ninja in Ninja Gaiden, you might get results such as 13% and your name is amongst the elites.
      The SWOT for Achievement:
      *They are simply numbered points that does nothing, you can't unlock anything nor use the Achievement points.
      *Many Achievement points have odd numbers and the most frustrating thing is when you beat Master Ninja and you get rewarded just 50g:(
      *Useless, hence the title Achievement which should mean Achieving something! Why should I Press Start button to get 10g achievement in The Simpsons game?
      The SWOT for Trophies
      * Categorised however randomised. You might even gain a Gold trophy before Silver trophies which is obviously meant to be the other way round
      *No point system but more of trophies.
      The SWOT for Wii points
      *Just points
      *You do not get tasked with real challenges
      *Not grouped
      The SWOT for (Wii 2/Cafe) Nintendo Challenges
      *none! All problems are rectified from the weaknesses of the above console systems.
      *Numbered points that means something, you acquired vary numbers that you can use to unlock in-game items
      *Harder challenges will be in Tier 2 and Tier 3
      *You don't need to press Start to get 1 star, you need to work hard for a star point
      * Categorised and rightfully classed well. All broken down in 3 tiers for all gamers
      *Both with level system and points
      *Challenges that are points and can also be used and worth getting
      *You are tasked with real challenges
      *All grouped in tiers
      *World Player Challenges: You can see just how many gamers have completed these challenges in certain tasks. This will motivate you to be the first to complete a challenge.
      I do hope my idea gets implemented, thought about or approved and further improved.
      You like?

      i am even thinking of making presentation document to help visualise this idea.


      I received a reply back from Nintendo's customer support team lead.

      He said Nintendo do not take ideas from consumers and its Nintendo of Japan that does the major decisions.
      What a bummer man!  And you know Nintendo, wii friends code, nintendo wii points

      All these things just cannot stand up to Xbox Live, Achievements, Trophies PSN:/
      Nintendo really need to step up their game if they wish to please 'other' hardcore games instead of just their loyal customers.


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