• Thursday, 28 April 2011


      I have enough of this shit!

      I buy games not just to enjoy them but to support the developers.

      I am currently renting Mortal Kombat instead of buying it, I decided to buy Thor God of Thunder video game to support the developers. The trailer released for the game really sold me.

      Finally getting my hands on the game now...I decided that I will never buy a movie game adaptation again! Movie video game are known to be a failure, however things changed for Wolverine Origin, the game was really good and well made. Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America are coming out. I thought to myself that these movies are becoming better and better, Wolverine Origin game was a success so these new game shouldn't fail.

      I was wrong...everything about this game is a failure...is it lack of motivation, rush job or laziness? I just don't know why this game fails!

      And the fact is those guys are the same ones who made Rise of the Argonauts (2008), what a FAILURE game...and once again I FUCKING BOUGHT THEIR GAME!

      *Avoid movie video game
      *Only rent a movie video game if you tried the demo
      *Only consider your hard earned money-£40 for a good quality game
      *Games that are only Single Player Campaign and not amazing looking I should avoid!
      *Games with only Single Player Campaign however nicely done like God of War 3/Heavy Rain, I should consider buying.

      3 voews I will have to keep and watch over. I'm tired of buying garbage games.

      I should have used my damn money to support Netherealm Studios for their hard work for Mortal Kombat (9) game.

      Now the main problem is to try and sell the piece of sh*


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