• Wednesday, 4 May 2011


      Right now I decided to work on a Game Design Document for the game I've been thinking about that. One of the admin told me it's best to start working on GDD now as I would even have to make 2 examples for my work though not guarantee I might work on it.

      So far writing up a GDD is challenging. In fact it's easy because if you have an idea for a game while the whole crazy idea is sitting in your mind, the hard part is putting down the ideas:/
      It's hard because you don't know where to begin, and as soon as you write down a display for an idea, you have to make it in detailed. For an example if you write down Multiplayer, you need to drive in and put as much detail for the multiplayer such as co-op, host, match making etc.

      It's crazy man, and the reason why I'm starting to do the GDD now is that, it's currently the fun and challenging part of game designing. I really want to study some things and go back to them so I can remember for future references, not by studying them passing the exam ad moving now:/

      I think GDD for an AAA game like GTA4, Skyrim, Halo Reach etc will have TONS of pages. But for a multiplatform third party game would contain less than a AAA game. And I wonder if designers who make GDD take shortcuts:/

      Ok so I've just tried Unreal Development Kit.

      Seriously man, I really don't want to be wasting time, I finally decided to install it.
      So far I tested creating levels, I was basically starting with the basics in level creating.

      I was using this guide which is absolutely USELESS!
      It started off right but doesn't tell you the right thing to select. When it comes to playing the level in editor mode or pc after you've placed the character. When I tested my version, I could see the HUD but could not see the light. Apparentely the "build geometry" displayed several errors that needed to be fixed. I did not know what the problem was.

      I close the currently project and worked on a new project, as I did about 5 TIMES, making sure I followed all procedure and guide. All were for nothing! Until I decided to fix the damn errors myself by explorer and trying things.
      I found out that when you place something on the map such as Actor, map etc...it all needs to be built by the geometry. When the error popped up at the Build Geometry box, checking the items properties does nothing as I need to address the problem.

      However, the problem noted I need to fix the Light map and playstart, GUI, map x or something:/. I thought fixing the playerstart to the grid or align would solve the problem, that wasn't the case. I had to Build All Geometry, which builds everything I placed on map. Success then I could see the light, and the floor. The problem with the UDK guide is that, when you  Build Geometry, you are only building the box you placed. There are 3 builds- Build Geometry, Build Light and Build All.

      When ever you place something in the void space, you always need to build when needed to test.


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