• Friday, 6 May 2011

      to do list...

      Ok I decided to note down things I need to do that would help me in the future (in getting a job in the industry)

      *Create 2 High Concept Documents: this will be good ideas, not just some cheap ass game like tick tak, brick game, asteroid. It needs to be a game that showcases just how much of a vivid thinker I am
      *Create 1 Game Design Document: I decided to halt the GDD I was currently working on, now I'll do so for a different game.
      *Create a flowchart for one of the HCD
      *Create half a script for a scenario/level for one of the HCD
      *Create 1 UI Main Menu Interface mockup: I am not a coder so creating a new Main Menu with Scaleform is hard! So i will just create 2 UI in photoshop

      *Create a map? I don't think I'll get through with this, creating a map is difficult! If I learn in time, I'll do it or if not I'll forget doing it.
      *Create concept drawings: back in the days when I was young I used to know how to draw, in fact I haven't lost my touch yet. It may have degrade quite a little but these concepts should help me.
      -Character design for both HCD
      -A stage concept design for one of the HCD
      -Floor plan for this stage concept
      -Create a Storyboard for one of the HCD
      -Gameplay mechanic for one of the HCD


      so far I'm working on HCD for 2 games, and I stumbled upon something familiar with the Train2Game book:


      Same example from the Train2Game book:/ just because its a CC registered document.


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