• Monday, 30 May 2011

      Quick Critique 1- Brink #1

      Ok I decided to shorten the Thoughts and Opinion, originally the Thoughts & Opinion was meant to show how I evaluate good and bad game designs in games. However I mostly banter about other things, so with this Quick Critique will be about me nit picking or simply picking a few bad designings in games.

      The idea was to show my knowledge how I analyse game by its design and not by review pros or cons.

      For the first write up will be bad designing for Brink:

      As for Brink, which I felt has the most terrible online communication system and friends interaction worst ever in video game design.

      Audio Speak Icon Next to Players name
      Originally in many games design, if a player has a mic enabled and if he/she speaks into the mic. By observing their gamertag above the character, you should see an icon appear (like the RSS feed icon) to indicate that this particular individual player is speaking into the mic.
      However as for brink, when a character 'taunts' an icon that looks like the shape of an headset stereo appears acting as if that person has headphones on or simply using a mic.

      This may not be a problem however the irriating thing it causes is the sheer confusion. You know that every character taunts here and there when ever they do something, so imagine 3 characters taunting about what they would do next,  who do you think will be doing a particular actions the voice played by looking at the names?
      To make things more twisted and confusing, if a human player is talking to you and A.I Bots is taunting; by observing different Gamertag names display the headphone icon will definitely make you confused as of who is really speaking. Or just listening to other human players talk along with the bots will make things confusing.

      No Select Button function.
      Seriously why do we need to press the START button to view the score board? Why can't we just view the scoreboard by pressing the SELECT Button?
      Definitely a fail video game design! No acception! Every other FPS games you play online has Select button HAS a function or bringing up the Scoreboard.

      Terrible communication system
      I wouldn't go in detail about Brink not having a lobby system or room what so ever, however the disappointing thing for Brink's design was the communication feedback system. After playing a few matches with a friend, there's no way to view the previous game score and adding recently played players. WORST yet during multiplayer you can't even ADD players to your friends list! The only way to do so is by going to your Xbox Dashboard or ps3 XMB and adding sending invites.

      This is where I think Brink failed the most, the bad communication system.

      Although I might congratulate it for the Fire Team. If you have someone in your friends list who plays Brink with you, by adding him/her to your Fire team will always be remembered whenever both of you join future games. The fireteam is sort of like a clan group system.


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