• Friday, 3 June 2011

      damn, race to the finish in game development

      it's incredible how an idea you are thinking about for a game that is so unique, new or never been done before gets created first before you.

      The Game Design Document I was working on is similar to this newly announced game:
      Payday (funny name).
      It features concept of the design gameplay, motivation and as well as some features in the game just like my Design Document.

      I am sort of disappointed man, as this is one of the problems when designing games, it's "A race to come up with an idea and create it first".

      it's pretty much like Knights Contract and Never Dead, both game featured a newly designed idea that prevents the player from dying in the game. Who came up with that idea first? Well it can be Knights Contract because it was announced first and also released first, Never Dead is not even done yet. However when we first heard of Knights Contract and we saw the amazing CG trailer, no one knew exactly the main features of the game and this is when Konami started working on Never Dead; a concept based on not dying. Later Knights Contract revealed its main major gameplay feature which is not dying, I wonder how Konami felt.
      However Knights Contract was not executed so well giving Konami a chance to win its thunder and steal the spot light.

      I know my idea for High Concept and Game Design Doc will not be made however I was trying to showcase how someone newb like me can come up with a fresh concept for a game. Now Overkill beat me to it, this is why I want to become a game designer as soon as possible so I can start working on new fresh ideas BEFORE someone comes up with it first.

      As I can say the designs for Payday seems pretty cheap, and the ability to call team mates seems less classy. I still have a chance to create a better design document that would make Payday version 0.2.

      And also wtf is up with Google?
      it's saying my site may cause harm to computer because it contains data from Gamelimits.
      all these f***ng garbage video game websites man, there are so many wanna be video game sites and all they ever do are stealing information from each other.


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