• Saturday, 9 July 2011

      update progression

      What am I doing now as in my studies?

      well I've finished the Game design document I was working on, it isn't fully complete, it's only half complete (near complete) to show off if I truly know what I am doing. Think of it as The Prestige, Huge Jackman wants to learn the Transporter man's trick but Christian Bale only provided him the Turn.

      I'm working on Flow plan and Level Floor plan. I need to get half of the To Do List done before continuing with my studies.

      Also Google+ I got into it. If anyone wants an invite I would invite you.
      It is something I wish to succeed because it doesn't invades people's privacy unlike Facebook.
      Google+ gives you control on limitation on how much your friends/families and others can know about your lives and all.


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