• Friday, 23 September 2011

      Euro Gamer expo

      Yes no update all these time that's because I've been so immersed in NG3 that I only search for news on that game almost every day. Now that I finally played it I can get back to work.

      Also I finally got to shake hands and speak to Peter Garza who is the localization Producer of NG3 and Team NINJA.

      Man it is VERY incredible how these hard working people dedicate their lives to games in order to please their fans. They work hard every day. Lately they had been flying to different conventions: Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, and now Euro Gamer Expo. How do they do it? Also people should remember that the working force of Japan is completely different to other countries.

      Trust me, these people work very hard to make games yet they love it because they enjoy making games. And then you hear minorities complain about game development work force, their negativity about long hours, low pay, no time off etc.
      Meeting Team NINJA brought it to my eyes that being in the game development is hard work but you do it because you have passion for making games.

      That is all for now. Time to finally get back to study after drifting off for long months!


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