• Thursday, 31 May 2012

      I'm not dead....yet (update on what happened)

      Ok it's been a while man. A lot of things happened.
      My last post was about Euro Gamer Expo...and the Ninja Gaiden 3 excitement.

      Anyway as you know ever since I perceived Ninja Gaiden 3, I stopped reading the Train2Game book and was constantly enthusiast about NG3 and constantly digging information about the game every single day. Now that the game has been released, I love it but was disappointed due to the fact that it was rushed. Now I am back to normal, I seem to be focusing more on life and important things and I play games less often (just like I did before hearing of NG3).

      Over the few months in 2011 I was playing my ps3 man all the time: Darkness 2, Mortal Kombat, Syndicate, Child of Eden, Ico and Shadow of Colossus HD, Spiderman Edge of Time, etc.

      You know personal life problem also occurred, because I was jobless and was looking for a job however my cousin decided to use me and did something terrible. It's like they planned everything out so right that they got away with it.
      Basically my cousin was banned from driving, I was jobless so I decided to help him out as a payback because he did a favour for me when I was during a difficult job as a Cold Caller/ Door to Door knocker.
      So I was helping him for a few months in Early 2011, however he needed a car so bad because of his job. And he said if he gets a used car, we'll use it to travel to his work, he'll teach me how to drive, he'll register all my details on the car as well as Insurance but he'll pay for insurance.
      A jobless person like me never thought about getting a car now as I need a secure job first but if it's to "help" (help someone in the family) then yes I agreed.
      Originally the ban was meant to be lifted in Sept and he would get his car back, once he gets his car back he would give me the used car...that was the deal.

      I mean for a few months everything was going alright, but when he leant his brother the car, his brother got a ticket with the car. I told my cousin to sort it out, he said his brother would.
      Many months pass and he guy just kept getting tickets.
      Even though these things were happening, I was still searching for Ninja Gaiden 3 news, I didn't let this problem bother me too much.
      I was given a court order because I didn't pay for a ticket, my dad got involved in this mess. And this was when the truth was revealed.
      I told my best friend about this and he told me they were using me, I didn't want to believe it but analysing all his actions, it made sense. Because they kept ignoring my calls all the time, basically running.
      His brother even got a police speeding ticket, which was the reason why I brought it to my best friend's intention.

      In the end I ended up paying £600 for the tickets, all for nothing, I only test drove the car about 4/5 times.
      This was the problem I couldn't study much. In fact there's still one more ticket which a parking company are still asking me for it.
      I did change my details from the car but the problem is my cousin's brother kept telling the company he doesn't own the car, while I tell them my details on the car has changed I don't have it. Basically like a ping pong game.
      I actually did go to the police when I perceived their games, however crappy police station, the lady said they couldn't do anything about it. Only thing I can do is to go to a solicitor.
      As you can see, from the start they planned this all out so they can get away with it.
      100% fraud!

      But Jesus Christ is good, I paid for it in no time, 2012 arrived, I was still searching for NG3 news. I did managed to get back on track with Train2Game for a month. But I was busy again as I needed to take Life in the UK Test which i did pass.

      NEW MAN
      Also another thing occurred. I'm a Christian, I follow God/Jesus Christ.
      "lovers of the world are enemies of God" or "Lovers of God are enemies of the World". (only ones who are Christians and devoted to Jesus would understand this quote).
      I perceived this quote and know what it means and follow it, however I kept sinning, I was addicted to porn. Not as in addict like watching it constantly, but I watched it a lot and most of the time and wanted to stop. I would pray to Jesus so he should give me strength to over come this, but nothing was happening.
      Also I was looking into dating sites because of my good friend that got me into it.
      Only been on 1 date but did not like the way many women acted, I just felt like the place was not for me.

      I watched someone's testimony of how Jesus sent the holy spirit to reveal the person's porn addiction. Which was a demon of perversion, that lurks around him. It makes sense because the demon is the one tempting the guy to watch porn, and this demon can cause problem in the family. Which is no different to me and my porn addiction. That story touched me so I prayed to Jesus to relieve me of my addiction and instantly I was cleansed! I feel no more temptation! Praise to God! As I've been asking God to help me with this, I just had to wait for the right time, right time to understand.
      So I decided to quit the dating site (in fact before the asking from Jesus, I attended church the last Sunday because I haven't been for a LONG time).

      So now I'm more free. I will try to update this blog, add some more ideas for Ninja Gaiden 4 blog, read the Train2Game book, live life and worship and follow Jesus Christ/God.


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